Westerly Youth Soccer Association

A non-profit organization for the promotion of youth soccer



Dear Sponsor,


The Westerly Youth Soccer Association is presently soliciting sponsors for our Fall Recreational soccer season.  Without your generosity, we would not be able to accommodate the many children that participate in our soccer program. If you would like to support our youth and foster teamwork and sportsmanship by sponsoring a team this year, your tax-deductible donation of $225.00 would be greatly appreciated.  Please complete the lower portion with all the required information and include a check payable to the Westerly Youth Soccer Association (or WYSA).  WYSA will do its best to accommodate any particular age group, shirt color or printing color requests.


   To ensure we have complete screens for the uniforms, we request any new sponsors (and our continuing ones) to include a business card or your company logo so that it may be duplicated onto the uniforms. Confirmation of sponsorship (including payment & logo) should be received by the WYSA as soon as possible in order to guarantee your sponsorship for the fall.


If you have any questions, or suggestions, please contact Sally Hollingshead or myself by phone or via email: westerlysoccer@hotmail.com. Thank you for your generosity and your continued support of the youth soccer program in Westerly.



Dawn Pappadia

Dawn Pappadia



Sponsor Name: ________________________________________________________


Sponsor Phone & email: ___________________      ________________________________


Requested Age Group - please check choice (choices for multiple teams or leave blank if no preference):


Instructional __               Under 10 Coed __             Under 12 Coed __             Under 15 Coed __      


Under 8 Coed __            Under 10 Girls __               Under 12 Girls __               Under 15 Girls __


OR: requested child to have on sponsor team: ____________________________


Requested Color of Shirt: ____________________________________________


Requested Color of Printing: __________________________________________


I would like WYSA to contact me next year for Fall sponsorship.

I am interested in participating in a Sponsor Appreciation Day.


Please return to WYSA, P.O. Box 547, Westerly RI, 02891-0547                    Dawn Pappadia: (401) 596-7885